What Is Material Handling?


Material handling and logistics is a term and process that is often misunderstood.


In any warehouse or factory, goods and materials are constantly in transportation from one area to another.  Whether it be loading on or off a truck, moving through inspection, storage, or shipping, the demand for material movement is constant.  This process is what is described as material handling.


By definition, material handling is the movement of goods or materials throughout a warehouse or factory. 


Why Should I Use Material Handling?

Any product you consume or purchase comes to you through the use of the supply chain. Material handling is the necessary process for how things get manufactured, moved, stored, and shipped to get to the customer safely.


Large corporations such as Amazon rely heavily on material handling and logistics technology to transport their goods throughout their large factories and warehouses.  By implementing the use of material handling equipment and technology, productivity and business profits are maximized exponentially.


How Does Material Handling Work?

At the core of material handling lies the power of equipment and technology automation.  By automating the process of moving goods, the opportunity for scaling up productivity and profits becomes endless.  Some of the most widely used technology include:


1) Conveyor Systems



Conveyor systems are a very common technology within the material handling and logistics industry.  Conveyors are used to move heavy materials such as large boxes across different locations in the factory or warehouse.


2) Information Technology



Information technology (IT) is used to save, retrieve, and modify data on demand.  Proper implementation of IT is crucial for data organization and communication.


3) Automatic Identification Technology



Automatic identification technology is primarily used to automatically store or retrieve inventory, location, and product data.


4) Storage & Lifting Equipment



Storage and lifting equipment is used to safety lift and store materials so they can be properly organized and segmented throughout the facility.


5) Renewable Energy Systems



The material handling industry utilizes renewable energy to power some of it’s operations. Not only is this an environmentally conscious decision, it is also a more cost effective means to powering the various technology systems.



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