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Why Skilled Trades Are In Demand


Ever wonder what’s going to happen when all those baby boomers eventually retire?


According to statistics, the percentage of skilled trade workers 45 years and older was over 50% in 2012. Since 2016, that number has only been rising at a steady rate.


What does this mean?


It means that the skilled trades workforce is an aging job market. 


With more and more individuals in the skilled trades moving towards retirement, that means that there will be a very large increase in demand for new employees to take there place.  However, there is a problem.


62% of employers in the skilled trades are struggling to fill important skilled trades positions! Not because there are no jobs, but because the new generation is stuck on working an office job.


There are more than enough jobs in the skilled trades.  You just need to reach out and grab one.


Employers are literally begging for great candidates just like you to apply for important positions today.


Attached, you will find an info graph by AdeccoUSA that contains all the information you need to know about the skilled trades job market today.




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2 Responses to Why Skilled Trades Are In Demand

  1. Am boomer about to retire myself wages way too low for kids today, work too hard, need to create excitement by paying people what their worth, contractors so greedy they are not willing to give employees security in their job

    • Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for reaching out! Yes, the job market is not what it once was 20 years ago. However, with change comes great opportunity.

      There is more money to be made in the skilled trades today than ever before. While there is a lot of competition with the introduction of the internet, it has also opened many doors for networking online.

      At TradeDesk, we try our very best to look after millennials involved in the skilled trades.

      That’s why we offer various student programs with high paying employers like Dematic.

      Many of our employees enjoy the flexibility that we offer in work schedules and are compensated well based on their experience and personal brand.

      Once you create a free profile with us, we also offer the ability to create a personal profile so that our employees can build their personal brand and actually make a name for themselves in the industry.

      The job market isn’t getting worst, it’s evolving into something awesome for everyone!

      Take care,

      TradeDesk Team


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